Clairmont Place offers an opportunity for seniors to enjoy an active lifestyle in a safe, amenity rich environment tucked away inside 16 acres of park-like land on a private lake; all at an affordable rate of approximately $1,488 per month.  This is possible because Clairmont Place is a not-for-profit corporation that is controlled by its residents.  Where else would you find a retirement community where its residents determine the fees and any excess revenue stays within the community?   What a deal!


Our residents believe in the soundness of investing in their retirements through ownership and not spending their money on rents. Spacious Condos can be purchased for prices ranging from the $200,000s to the high $400,000s. 

Should a Clairmont Place resident’s health change cause the resident to need assisted living services, our residents can move into our onsite assisted living facility, called Montclair, where their personal care needs can be met for an all inclusive rate of approximately $3,200 per month.  Montclair also welcomes residents who move directly into our assisted living community from the outside who may not be healthy enough for independent living.