Our Clairmont Place campus is second to none in the entire metro-Atlanta area. Our lake, with its gazebo, is a splendid asset. The new South Peachtree Creek PATH Foundation Trail runs along our lake, connecting the Emory campus to Mason Mill Park. The PATH provides marvelous access to Emory, Williamsburg Library, and points beyond, without encountering any traffic or crossing any streets. At Clairmont Place we are surrounded by nature.

The key to our life and community is who we are. We are a welcoming place with a true sense of belonging. We are a place to put down roots. Clairmont Place is proud of its success in cultivating a culture of kindness. That is the ethos, the culture that flourishes at Clairmont Place. Integral to our culture is our caring and committed staff. Twenty-eight of our staff have worked at Clairmont Place for over ten years, including fourteen employees working over twenty years at Clairmont Place.

If a Clairmont Place resident's health changes such that the resident can no longer live independently, our residents may move into our onsite community called The Montclair. Their personal care needs will be met for an all-inclusive, fixed rate. The Montclair also welcomes residents who move directly into our personal care community from outside the condominiums.